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On Page Seo, Seo Services Company in Pune
What is SEO ?

SEO is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via search results. SEO aims to improve rankings for relevant keywords in search results. Best SEO Tips and Tricks that will increase their Website ranking better in modern Search Engines Methods.

What is On Page Seo?

On Page Website Optimization On Page SEO is process of modifying and optimising content of your website with main aim - better positioning in Search Engine ranking results. On site SEO includes the text, Metadata, images and links on your website.

On-Page Optimization Services

1. Meta Title

2. Meta Description

3. Most common keywords appears on the page

4. Keyword usage density

5. Presence of Related Keywords

6. Presence of LSI keywords

7. Inner page linkings

8. H1, H2 Headings

9. Robots.txt Optimization

10. Sitemap

11. Broken Link Fixing

12. SEO friendly URL

13. Image Alt Text

14. Inline CSS

15. HTML depricated tags